Become the most eloquent person in the room

Elo helps you eliminate filler words like “ums, ahs, like, you know, totally” etc. so you can speak with authority and conviction.

Compatible with

Most browser based video conferences used with Google Chrome. Including:
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Why Elo?

Speak with conviction

Elo helps you to become aware and eliminate your filler words. Elo notifies you when you say “um”, “ah” or use 30+ undesirable words and phrases such as “Like”, “You know?”, “I guess” etc.

Elo has your back

Just enter any video conference in Chrome and the Elo overlay will be there to help, no set up required.

Real Life Practice

Reducing filler words used to be hard and awkward: countless hours of recording yourself or practicing in artificial settings. With Elo you improve whenever you are talking on video conferences.